E-LEMON is founded at the beginning of 2016, and results from years of experience and enormous knowledge base of our parent company Uhigh Lighting, an international benchmark in outdoor lighting products.

The pioneer system E-LEMON electronics is the outcome of careful study about important weaknesses for the garden installations not well covered by other brands in the market.

E-LEMON Mission and objectives

Our mission is to provide you an electronics LED drivers to make efficient outdoor and indoor installations thanks to his highly quality electronic components, main housing filled with resin for warranty IP67 waterproof, double rubber on cable glands, standard terminal blocks and a shock-resistant body made by nylon.

E-LEMON Factory in ChinaOur workplace is located in Ningbo, where our workers use advanced and innovative technology. The revolutionary system has developed and manufactured thanks to highly qualified and multidisciplinary team of engineers and designers, who spent hours at Technical Centre, handcrafting and fine-tuning every detail to create a perfect integrated driver, which is worldwide patented.

With respect to the design of electronics parts, production and sealing take place in the EagleRise Electric & Electronic’s plant in Foshan, in the South of China. EagleRise is a global leader in electronics solutions around the world.

The whole production of E-LEMON is carried out within the Uhigh Lighting premises in Ningbo, under the supervision of the management, from manufacturing and assembling to wiring and final testing, every process phase is managed pursuing the most rigorous standard. Additionally, E-LEMON drivers comply with all safety and protection standards as RoHS and RAEE.

Working for the Planet

E-LEMON is a young and dynamic company whose aim is to building a better future with new ‘ecolighting’ solutions, highly efficient and completely sustainable to preserve the environment.

Our culture and our talent

What we do, how we do it, what we feel and what we live. E-LEMON and Uhigh Lighting supports us, cares for us and makes us grow professionally. We work, always keeping our customers in mind. We proudly feel like we’re part of a huge family. We are E-LEMON!


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