Pioneering LED drivers with integrated waterproof connectors

Our innovative LED driver with integrated IP67 waterproof connectors

With the E-LEMON drivers, you can make waterproof installations quickly and completely secure than conventional drivers. Thanks to its independent LED driver, E-LEMON has multiple applications in outdoor, gardens and bathrooms installations with their highly quality electronic components made by EagleRiseR, main housing filled with resin for warranty IP67 waterproof, double rubber on cable glands, standard terminal blocks and a shock-resistant body made by nylon. Additionally, all LED drivers include two clips for fix on surface.

What is a E-LEMON driver and what are their advantages?

E-LEMON is an electronic small-sized LED driver, characterized to include integrated waterproof connectors that greatly facilitate mounting outside the luminaire. Designing new products is much easier because with the E-LEMON driver you shouldn’t bear in mind the space to hold the driver and his temperature limits, since usually is lower than the LED.

Where can I install the E-LEMON driver?

Play these videos and and watch how to connect the E-LEMON driver in the garden, on a hard surface or on a bathroom.

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